Melanie's Battle:
The Hidden Plague of Postpartum Psychosis and Depression


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Other Resources

Understanding Postpartum Psychosis: A Temporary Madness, by Teresa M. Twomey with Shoshana Bennett, PhD., includes a number of first-person stories, two of which end in tragedy. One of those is Melanie's story based on interviews with Carol.' The book also includes chapters on Medical, Legal, Historical and Media perspectives as well as a list of resources.

Mommies Cry Too by Carol S. Harcarik tells Carolyn Brink's inpiring story of her struggle with post-partum depression.

There is an Online PPD Support Group that has a Memorial Page dedicated to those who has died as a result of postpartum psychosis.

A letter from Carol Blocker in response Katherine Stone's recent article appears in the June 21st issue of Newsweek. Click here and scroll down the site to read it. See also Katherine Stone's journal at

The Ruth Rhoden Craven Foundation - for Postpartum Depression Awareness

Women's Moods - a highly recommended and helpful book by Deborah Sichel and Jeanne Watson Driscoll.

Contact Radio has a series of radio shows devoted to PPD (Click on Collections and then scroll down to the Mental Health section)

BEYOND THE BABY BLUES: Modern stressors, other factors can fuel postpartum depression - By Beth Howard, MSNBC

By Sonia Murdock,

The Legal Defense Website for Shontelle Cavanaugh

The Committee to Free Debra Gindorf

» Sign the Clemency Petition for Debra Gindorf

FIGHTING POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION: Descent into darkness By Louise Kiernan, Chicago Tribune (February 16, 2003)

Amy Koppelman's site - showcasing her novel A Mouthful of Air about her experience living through postpartum depression

Post Partum Angels - from D. A. Gray